The meeting covers all the papers and presentations with viticulture and enological interest as well as papers of relative scientific domains, such as biology, biotechnology, analytical chemistry etc.

    • History of the cv Malvasia
    • Viticulture: cultivation practices, training systems, climate, soil, terroir, diseases, pests, clonal selection, harvesting, grape maturation, drafting, rootstock etc.
  • Vine Physiology and Biochemistry (photosynthesis, respiration – transpiration, abiotic and biotic stress, mineral and water uptake, grape quality, carbohydrates, organic acids, phenolics, aromas, ripening, pruning etc.
  • Wine – Enology: quality, yeasts, fermentation, vinification practices, barrique, phenolics, aromas – flavor, oxidation, enzymes etc.
  • Environment and Culture
  • Economy and Marketing


4th Symposium “Malvazia of the Mediterranean”



-          Monday, June 24, 2013

Arrival of guests

-          Tuesday, June 25, 2013

09.30 Hrs – Welcome and Registration

10.30 Hrs – Presentation of the Symposium – Opening speeches

11.00 Hrs – Session I – History of the cultivars

Chairman – Prof. Stavrakakis

Riponti Danilo

“Venezia e le Malvasie – Storia di on legame secolare”

11.30 – 11.45 Hrs – Coffee Break

11.45 Hrs

Tsimbidis Marielena –

“The revival period of the wine Monemvasia – Malvazia”

Loulourdas Dimitris

“Tradizione della coltivazione”

13.00 Hrs – Working Lunch

16.30 Hrs – (Elkomenos Square – Kanoni)

Visit of the Castle and the City of Monemvasia

-          Wednesday, June 26, 2013


09.30 Hrs – Session II – Viticulture of the EV Malvasia

Chairman – Prof. Biniari

Ivana Alpeza, Sanja Radeka, Gordana Bosankic

“Malvazija istarska in vineyards and wines of the Republic of Croatia”

Vicente Sotes

“Evolution of Malmsey grapevine variety in Spain”

Enric Bartra / Liuis Giralt

“Biodiversity measures in a Malvasia de Sitges vineyard in the biodivine life + project”

Pitsoli Th., Zamanidis P., Paschalidis Ch., Biniari K.

“Study of the Malvasia di Candia variety at the ampelographic collection of the Wine Institute of Athens”

Biniari K., Stavrakakis M.

“Study of grapevine cultivars used for the production of Malvasia winw using ampelographic and molecular methods”

11.30 Hrs – Coffee break

11.45 Hrs

Meneghetti S., Costacurta A., Calo A.

“Genetic similarity of Malvasia varieties and correlations with genotypes and their geographic origins”

Mannini S., Schneider D., Santini A., Mollo A., Raimonti S., Ruffa P., Marchese E., Paradivino, Tragni R.

“Genetic agronomic and enological characterization of seven berry coloured aromatic cultivar of Piemont (North west Italy)”

Fregoni M.

“Malvasia rosa grape variety”

Rusjan Denis

“Winenet – A Cooperative Network  to Improve WINE QUALITY along the
Production Chain Using Innovative Solutions”

13.30 Hrs – Working lunch

16.30 Hrs – Visit of vineyards and wineries

-           Thursday, June 27, 2013

09.30 Hrs – Session III – Enology of the CV Malvasia

Chairman – Veronika

Piracci S., Moretti A., Garofol

“Aging of “Malvasia of Latium” wine with traditional or innovative technique”

Flamini R., De Rosso M., Dalla Vedova A., De Marchi F., Panichel A., Gardiman M., Bavaresco L.

“Aromatic potential of some Malvasia grape varieties through the study of monoterpene glycocides”

Veronika Kubanovic, Ivana Alpeza, Tatjana Varga

“Distribution of Cu, Fe, Zn, Mo and Mn in Malvazija istarska  wines from Croatia”

Rodriguez Donate, M. Carolina, Cano Fernandez, Victor Javier, Guirao Perez, Gines, Sotes V.

“Comparative analysis of malmsey wine”

11.00 Hrs – Coffee break

11.15 Hrs – Session IVEconomy and Marketing

Chairman – Fregoni Mario

Maurizio Sorbini, Maurizio Aragrande

“Evolution of the consumption and prospects of Malvasia wine”

Maurizio Aragrande, Gianluca macchi

“Communication and mass customization of regional wines”

Michele Pontalti, Maurizio Aragrande

“Certification of origin and the experience of the method FEM”

13.00 Hrs – Conclusion

14.00 Hrs – Closing Dinner